Maxey Web Services Rolls Out Its Newest Website Redesign

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Fifth Incarnation of MWS Website Goes Live


In the years since Maxey Web Services opened for business in 2002 the internet and everything connected to it has been subject to constant change, innovation and ubiquity.

Each new version of the MWS website has demonstrated the available technology of the time and acted as a showcase for what we can offer SME’s and individuals on modest budgets.

From the table-based static html code of the late 90s and early 00s to today’s Content Management System (CMS) platforms based on themes and software plugins, the technological change has been exponential.

The biggest change for MWS has been the morphing of WordPress (and other more complex CMS platforms like Drupal & Joomla) from a Blogging software (with website potential) to full blown web authoring software (with blogging if needed) from V3 onwards (June 2010).

All the websites that MWS deliver today can be self-maintained by the client – if he/she is prepared to undertake some training and has the time and inclination to do so. The MWS portfolio ranges from customer managed content updates to full ‘turn-key’ operations where you provide the raw materials – text and photos – and we do the updating and house-keeping.

Our new website (and portfolio links) illustrates the range and scope of page layout and in-page technology – forms, newsletter signups, Shopping Cart and E-Commerce Store, photo galleries – available along with bespoke image creation and product, people, and place photography.

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