1. All projects & commissions to be confirmed in writing before commencing work.
  2. A Purchase Order No., if applicable, should be issued.
  3. All cost details provided at the outset of projects or commissions are estimates only and may be subject to further costs – see 4. below.
  4. Extra work undertaken at the request of the client, which is outside of the agreed specification, will incur additional charges – either at the Maxey Web Services published rate (see Prices page) or as otherwise arranged.
  5. Additional charges to be confirmed in writing.
  6. Stage payments will be requested on projects over £500 in value.
  7. Maxey Web Services shall retain legal ownership of the layout & representation of client material as displayed or published within web-authoring software – whether free or paid for –  until full & final payment for all commissioned work has been made.
  8. Additional paid for software sourced on behalf of the client will be charged at cost +20% or £15.00 (whichever is the higher).
  9. Any photographic or other image supplied by the client will be considered the intellectual property of the client or that it has been fully licensed for commercial use by the client – see 10. below – and that the client will indemnify Maxey Web Services from any legal action arising from a breach of any 3rd partys’ copyright.
  10. Any non-original photographs or images will either be sourced from Royalty Free collections and will comply with any/all requirements pertaining to their use or the appropriate fee will be paid for use from a commercial stock photo repository or similar and will comply with any/all requirements pertaining to their use.
  11. Any photographs or images taken or created on behalf of a client will be assigned as the copyright of the client only after full & final payment has been made.
  12. Invoices are to be settled in 14 days from date of issue.

Update: 01.10.15